Columbia City Mural Project Unveiling

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Columbia City Mural Project: Panel Update

Columbia City Mural Project: Full Life Painting Session

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Taste International: Highlights Video

Bohmenian Backstreets: Highlights Video

Bohemian Backstreets: June 21, 2012

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What could be a more beautiful day?  Sun shining.  Music and art in the alleyways of Columbia City.  Kids running around, laughing, smiling, and dancing.  On this day, we filled the alley with beautiful art instead of trash.

A man walked up to me, and we started making small conversation.  I learned that he was from New York and was on his way to a cruise up to Alaska.  He was just passing by to have dinner in Columbia City.  As he got out of the cab, he started to hear music.

“That can’t be Klezmer music, ” he thought to himself.

He started to journey through alley and listened to the music, and you could see the pure enjoyment on his face to hear the music of culture and childhood.

“I can’t believe you are playing Klezmer music,” he kept repeating to me.

“This is why we do it,” I told him.  “We want to showcase the rich diversity our community, and the beautiful art that lives here.”

He stayed and watched the entire hour.  Always smiling.



Community Arts Create (CAC) is bringing back its flagship initiative, Bohemian Backstreet – the art walk considered the first and only of its kind in Southeast Seattle. Starting Thursday, March 17, people from all over Southeast Seattle will be invited to share a diverse and rich amalgam of culture and art in the streets of Columbia City.

Bohemian Backstreets provides an avenue for the greater Southeast Seattle community to experience multi-disciplinary art. Taking from the look, feel and atmosphere of Parisian streets, Community Arts Create has shaped a wildly fresh and new take on the usual arts walk. The uniquely community-driven Bohemian Backstreets not only features traditional visual art (drawings, paintings, etc.) but also takes an interactive approach with live music, performance art, spoken word, dance and of course, food. Patrons will also be able to view the mural project spearheaded by CAC and its community partners.

A rousing success in its inaugural summer, Bohemian Backstreets attracts art novices and experts alike, blending interests and cultures in a broad-experience that stimulates all five senses.